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Agriculture is an unpredictable industry. Farmers and buyers can be affected by extreme weather events and climate change, changing consumer demands, market fluctuations and advances in new technologies.

As a grower, trader or a buyer - FARMPay provides you with the certainty you need.

A secure online platform, FARMpay uses the power of technology to connect all parties along the supply chain, providing rapid updates, asset security and improving cashflow.


Grain growers

Until now, on-farm grain sales provided limited transparency and increased risk of delayed payments.

FARMpay is a user-friendly platform that:

  • enables payment terms to be reduced from months to just days
  • manages contracts in a single location
  • provides visibility across the supply chain via a digital dashboard
  • sends live delivery notifications
  • sends confirmation of quality and quantity
  • maintains provenance so consumers can track where their food comes from

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Grain traders and buyers

Managing contracts with multiple growers can be a problem in terms of tracking inventory, payments and contracts.  Valuable time is spent reconciling payments and waiting for all-important contract data.  FARMpay uses latest innovations in technology to solve those problems.

With FARMPay you can:

  • rely on rapid data transfer
  • have visibility across the supply chain via a digital dashboard
  • improve efficiency by reducing processing time
  • easily reconcile multiple contracts
  • generate reports
  • enjoy integration with your existing systems
  • access flexible forms of supply chain finance options to optimise supplier payments
  • use credit lines, extend DPO and generate rebate returns
  • improve cash flow.

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Sign up to be a part of the farmpay pilot

FARMpay is currently working with several industry stakeholders to pilot the platform in July-August 2017. If you are a grain trader, buyer or grower interested in taking part, please register your interest here

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